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  • 230 mm
  • 35 Gr
  • Floating
  • Hooks and split ring BKK

100% wood - stainless steel through wire 1.2 mm

The needle par excellence, designed and produced for bluefish spinning and other predators such as Leerfish - Barracuda etc.. Extremely easy to maneuver for the fisherman who can easily manage it even from great distances achieved thanks to the perfect balance of the weights present inside the wooden body.   

The most adverse weather conditions are not a problem for this needle which, even in the presence of strong headwinds, manages to reach considerable distances, giving the spinner the possibility of probing a large area.

Discover the Narak 230 F, a wooden artisan masterpiece with bold and original colorations. Every detail of this lure is designed to capture the attention and curiosity of the most discerning fish.

The Narak 230 F is not just a simple lure, but the secret weapon that turns every cast into a successful opportunity. 

Prepare your rod and immerse yourself in an unprecedented fishing adventure

Narak 230 F original colors

23,90 €Price
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