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  • 85 mm
  • 23 gr
  • Sinking


Entirely made of wood - 1.6 mm stainless steel through wire.




Small stickbait derived from the larger Kepper 110 S.

Designed for bonito - mahi mahi - and Bluefin tuna and for shore spinning to other pelagics.


The falling wobbling action combined with the flashes of light created by the side fins proves deadly for capturing the attention of big predators even from great distances.


It is small but very resistant thanks to the 1.6mm through wire and the waterproofed wooden body protected by extra-resistant glossy layer.

Its small size does not compromise its robustness; on the contrary, it ensures extraordinary strength and durability.

This lure is designed to work effectively at a depth of 10-20 centimeters below the surface when retrieved quickly, simulating the behavior of coveted prey.

Its versatility makes it ideal for spinning in many situations, including feeding frenzies where precise casting is necessary even while moving with the boat.

Thanks to its wooden body and aerodynamic design, this lure is capable of achieving impressive casting distances, allowing you to cover large areas of water and attract predators with lively and realistic movements.


It can be retrieved in many ways such as:


Fast or moderate steady recovery.

Constant recovery with pauses and jerks

Slow recovery with falls (jigging style)




2 treble hooks size #4

Single hook 4/0 in belly

Treble hook size #2 on the belly and single hook 1/0 on the tail

Assist in belly

Kepper 85 S

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