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  • 110 mm
  • 40 Gr
  • Sinking
  • Single hook BKK
  • Split Ring BKK

100% wood - stainless steel through wire 1.6 mm

The KEPPER 110 S is a small stickbait designed for inshore and offshore spinning for big predators such as bluefin tuna, tuna and other pelagics. A lure characterized by extreme tensile strength. It can be retrieved fast linearly by assuming a tight or jerked automatic movement with strong tugs.

Sell withsingle hook on belly BKK Lone Diablo 5/0.


2 treble hooks size #4

2 treble hooks size #1

1 single hook in belly 4/0 and 1 treble hooks in tail #1

1 treble hook #1 in belly - 1 single hook 2/0 in tail


Kepper 110 S

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