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  • 150 mm
  • 55 gr - 1,94 oz
  • Floating


100% wood - stainless steel through wire 1,6 mm


The JEDI POP XL is a popper intended for medium-heavy offshore spinning.
In this version it was decided to make it in a smaller size (150 mm) to concentrate the weight more and allow the fisherman to reach long distances by "piercing" the air in flight especially in extreme weather conditions.

The shape of the mouth with a slight downward inclination guarantees greater resistance to water, preventing it from jumping out during retrieve with strong jerks




1 treble #3/0 in belly - 1 single hook #5/0 in tail

1 single hook #5/0 in belly - 1 single hook #5/0 in tail

free belly - 1 treble hook #5/0 in tail

Jedi Pop XL

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