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  • 170 mm
  • 80 gr - 2,82 oz
  • Sinking

100% wood - stainless steel through wire 1.6 mm



The Alphard 170 S is a sinking stickbait designed for offshore spinning to big predators, from bluefin tuna, tuna to GT and other tropical and Indo-Pacific specimens. A lure characterized by extreme tensile strength. It is available in various colours, from the most original Geppetto to the classic Fluo and is characterized by two holographic pectoral fins which make it easily recognizable thanks to the flashes of light.





1 Single hook #6/0 in belly - 1 single hook #5/0 in tail

1 single hook #6/0 in belly - 1 treble hook #2/0 in tail

2 treble hooks #2/0

Alphard 170 Floating

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