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Our lures are made entirely by hand, carefully choosing materials and products of the highest quality. They are the result of hours and hours of work, to give maximum performance and high reliability. To ensure this, every lure is rigorously tested several times before being sold

Discover the new NARAK 230-F Carbon-Z


Why are our lures characterized by very particular and colorful colors?

We of the Geppetto Lures team do not believe in "realism" because in our opinion fish scales and details similar to those found in real fish are not in the least intercepted by predators for two fundamental reasons: 1: in the hunting action, between the foam, not always clear water and many other factors it is impossible to observe all this for any living being. 2: the same details and natural colors that many companies believe in are genetic peculiarities of the "prey fish" that are fundamental for NOT being seen, that is, camouflage. We instead focus on the contrast (often the only visual mode of many fish) and on the unique play of lights that can give you these liveries that have been designed not as a fixed object but as a moving silhouette, subjected to different types of sunlight, mode recovery and color of the water. Another fundamental aspect for us is the movement, that's why we select only the best materials and the best techniques, even if they are more expensive to produce our lures. Movement, color contrasts and plays of light are the key factors of our production.


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