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230 mm
35 gramms

1.2mm stainless steel through wire
100% wood 
BKK hooks 6066 4X FANGS UA

Heading 5

Needle floating incredibly reactive, it allows the angler to maintain a high sensitivity with the bait even if it is far away.Made of wood, and armed with treble hooks BKK 6066 4X FANGS UA.

The distribution of the weights gives the NARAK 230-F a great capacity in counteracting the wave motion even in the presence of strong winds and currents, in the launch its balancing allows to reach considerable distances with great precision.

The retrieve:

Low rod with light jerks assumes a side to side swim (WTD action).
High rod assumes a 45 ° trim (depending on the fishing spot and the height of the rod) which allows it to create real fireworks, characterized by splashes of water and jumps on the surface.
It is a lure that allows the fisherman to customize the retrieve to the maximum while always maintaining an excellent trim and extreme ease in maneuvering it.


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