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Kaliboo 120 F


120 mm
28 Gr
100% WOOD
Hooked with BKK FANGS 6066

The KALIBOO 120 F is a popper lure designed for spinning to bluefish and other predators, thanks to its design and weight, which make it a versatile lure that can also be used with light tackle. It has an internal structure in 1.2mm stainless steel and is made entirely of wood, a material that gives it a remarkable castability and above all an incomparable swimming.

Like all Geppetto Lures baits, the KALIBOO 120 F also allows the fisherman to customize the retrieve without ever losing the right attitude in the water.


Retrieved linearly and with force, it creates underwater tunnels leaving behind it trails and vortices of air used to attract predators.

Retrieved in jerks with short pauses, it gives rise to strong and long splashes of water thus making itself noticed by predators even from considerable distances.


Video review and article KALIBOO 120 F by Clip Angler Blog's

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