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Scatola alphard 170 spinning al tonno, migliori artificiali spinning
ALPHARD 170 S-F tuna fishing.png

ALPHARD 170 is a stickbait designed for spinning offshore to big predators. Available in 2 versions SINKING - FLOATING.

The perfect balance of weights gives a this stickbait a wobbling action in fall ( sinking version ) and extreme ability to cast.

Made entirely of wood, material which gives not very tiring use and a sinuous movement in the water.

It has a internal structure in 1.6 mm stainless steel.

170 mm - 6,7 inches   

55 gr - 1,94 oz Floating

tuna geppetto lures, stickbait offshore

80 gr - 2,82 oz Sinking

hook settings


1 single hook #6/0 belly - 1 single hook #5/0 tail

1 single hook #6/0 belly - 1 treble hook #2/0 tail

2 treble hooks #2/0


2 single hooks #6/0

2 treble hooks #2/0

1 single hook #6/0 belly - 1 treble hooks #2/0 tail

54.00 €

Stickbait handmade following and respecting high standards that offshore fishing, especially spinning tuna or GT require, given the high power and sudden changes of direction of these fish, which put under stress all our fishing equipment including of course the lures, in this case the stickbait. 


Obviously, inside the ALPHARD 170 (in both versions) there is, and it is a fundamental part, the steel wire, in this case in stainless steel of 1.6 mm, which guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the traction exercised by these big predators, not weighing down too much on the wooden body and making the most of the natural elasticity of this material.


The use of this stickbait designed for offshore spinning is extremely easy and versatile  swimming, because, if retrieved linearly it adopts a natural imperfect movement, swimming that characterizes the wounded or disoriented fish. 

ALPHARD 170 can be retrieved jerking and short pauses, attracting to itself the pelagics in hunt.


The wooden body, besides being covered with more than one extra-resistant shiny anti-yellow layer, is treated and waterproofed allowing it to remain so even in case of shocks and splinters, without compromising in any way its characteristics of floating/sinking or swimming and balance.

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